God Save Us

Ana Ferreira (photographer)

Showcase submission:

"God Save Us" is a photo-book about Chagas disease in Bolivia. In 2018 it was delivered to different towns and communities.  The photography raised awareness, opening a way in the search for answers. Not only about Chagas, also about other issues that affect people's health. Projections and workshops were made in markets, schools, community centres, cinemas, family homes, hospitals, churches and health centers. Places: Cochabamba, Punata, Villa Rivero, Arani, Varanasi y Pagpani, Monteagudo, Valle Nuevo, Bartolo, Chamimayo, Camiri, Cuevo, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Samaipata y Muyupampa. We worked in different spaces as educational and public centers, with more than 40 photographs and sentences made by the people who live there. We made 3 photographic exhibitions in Punata and Santa Cruz. Collaborators with this project: Bolivian Embassy in Uruguay, IsGlobal (Global Health Institute), Ceades Fund, InSpires Project, DNDi (Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative), Nor-Sud Found, Dhaw Found, Carolina Lopez (theatre workshops). By Ana Ferreira (photographer),