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Philips: #MakeLifeBetter & "Better Me, Better World" Campaign

Philips has launched a new global marketing initiative that will let customers of their appliances & electronics products set the agenda for Philips' social causes for 2018.


Customers buying a product can register and use the Better me, better world page to share their preference on where Philips should focus its efforts in healthcare. This is part of Philips' goal of improving the lives of three billion people each year by 2025.

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Global Schistosomiasis Alliance: #makingschistory

The #MakingSchistory campaign acknowledges the great steps taken in moving towards elimination of schistosomiasis, while recognising the need for stronger concerted efforts to keep fighting this dreadful infection until it is wiped out. As part of the #MakingSchistory campaign, the GSA has also produced a report sharing real stories of the people involved in the fight to eliminate schistosomiasis - 'The people #MakingSchistory' - launched in May 2017.


The Dengue Mission Buzz Barometer is a tool to measure ASEAN community engagement for the prevention of dengue. The Barometer also comprises an educational online portal to increase dengue awareness and readiness within communities. Dengue, the fastest-growing mosquito-borne disease in the world, represents a major health threat and public health burden for Southeast Asia.


The Dengue Mission Buzz Barometer features a Dengue Readiness Quiz to help site visitors gauge their level of dengue prevention readiness. Quiz results across the six participating countries, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam will be dynamically displayed on a scoreboard on the site and participants are encouraged to share their quiz results and completion badges on social media. ADVA aims to educate at least 25,000 citizens in these countries with the quiz. The Dengue Mission Buzz portal also presents valuable news, videos and information about dengue prevention, and is available in multiple languages.


The Dengue Mission Buzz Barometer is supported by Sanofi Pasteur.