Dissection of a Sand Fly Gut

University of Glasgow

Wellcome Centre for Molecular Parasitology (WCMP)

Showcase submission:

Inside Research


‌‌‌At the WCMP we use many different laboratory and imaging  techniques to study parasites at the molecular level.


This series of short films aims to introduce you to some of these techniques and to provide a greater insight into the work we do here.


"Dissection of a Sandfly Gut": The leishmaniasis parasite has a complex lifecycle. An important part of this lifecycle takes place in the gut of a sand fly. Therefore in order to study this stage in more detail, the parasites must be removed from an infected sand fly. In this short film, Dr Hector Diaz Albiter demonstrates how this procedure is carried out. It is very delicate and highly skilled work - the sand flies are only 2mm in length!


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