WORKSHOP B: The Role of Comedy in Public Health Messaging

NTDs are no Joke (but let’s start there anyway!)

Rachel Cole-Wilkin (theatre maker & tour guide)


How do you engage people with hard-to-talk-about subject in a memorable way that will keep people talking about it long after your first conversation? This practical and interactive workshop will explore:


•How basic principals of comedy can be applied to public health messaging.

•How messages and approaches might translate across cultures and audiences from diverse backgrounds.

•Finding the right balance… how far is too far, and when does humour obscure or harm the message instead of supporting it?

•Factors that create a positive relationship between science and arts practitioners.


Whether you are a scientist or health practitioner considering how you share your messages with others outside your field or an artist thinking about how to incorporate these subjects into your work do come along!




Rachel Cole-Wilkin is a theatre maker and tour guide, and the creator of London Loo Tours, a series of walking tour themed around London’s public conveniences and their history. She holds a BA in Theatre from Lewis & Clark College and an MA in Applied Theatre from the Central School of Speech and Drama. Her main interest is in using story-telling for social good.



Twitter: @theloolady

E-mail: [email protected]