It Happened

Sanofi Pasteur

Showcase submission:

The short film by Sanofi Pasteur called “It Happened” features the fictitious story of Ricardo and Thiago, a father and son getting vaccinated against dengue.  Their story serves as the backdrop for recognizing the role of individuals, researchers and vaccinators around the world in the development and use of vaccines to fight against infectious diseases.


To highlight Sanofi Pasteur’s long-term history in vaccine development and strong collaborations with scientists and the international public health community, the film features key immunization milestones in recent decades.  These include a meningitis vaccine outbreak response campaign in Brazil and the last salvos in the global battle against polio, a disease which will soon be eradicated.


The film ends with a next chapter in public health collaboration, namely, the fight against dengue.   Dengue represents a public health priority in many countries in Latin America and in Asia where the disease puts a heavy burden on local health care systems.  Sanofi Pasteur’s dengue vaccine is the first ever vaccine to be approved for the prevention of dengue due to all four serotypes of the virus and is recommended by the World Health Organization.


The company is proud to have used the medium of film to salute the international public health community that has tirelessly fought infectious diseases for generations.  


Additional information about Sanofi Pasteur’s dengue vaccine is available on the web at