ISNTD Festival brings together the creative arts and global health communities to explore the issues, challenges, opportunities and solutions that are needed to transform research into actual change.


ISNTD Festival will aim to open the black box between informative research and policy and use science communication to oxygenate the issues around community cohesion, disease awareness, behavioural insight, behavioural intervention, stigma allievation, programme development, mental health, education, advocacy, fundraising and many, many more.


ISNTD Festival will have....


• plenary SPEAKERS to guide thought leadership

• PANEL DEBATES to stimulate cross talk and cross pollination of ideas between the panels and the audience

informative and practical interactive WORKSHOPS to educate and develop solutions

• WORKSHOPS for detailed and hands on engagement with a variety of communication modalities


to shape discourse acoss the following themes....

Please get in touch to discuss speaking slots, panel and workshops aswell as any submissions  for the showcase - please contact Kaman Rafiq or Marianne Comparet

DRAFT SCHEDULE (confirmed speakers below, with more to follow!)


8.30  //  Registration and coffee


9.00  //  Welcome by ISNTD and Keynote Speech


• Imran Khan (Wellcome Trust, Head of Public Engagement)



9.30  //  Session 1

Communicating complex global health challenges: concrete creative examples from the field


• Robb Butler (World Health Organisation)


• Ann-Marie Sevcsik (UBS Optimus Foundation)



10.30 //  Coffee Break



11.00 //  Session 2

Tools & production strategies: from science to masterpiece


• Pamela Bongkiyung (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)

The Changing Landscape of Communicating Science: Little Tips & Tricks in Dismantling Big Scientific Concepts


• Lisa Russell (Film Director)



12.00 //  Workshops (1A & 1B)



13.00 // Lunch



14.00 // Session 3

Digital creativity: Data, Communities and Healthcare Creativity


• Nicholas Brooke (Break Dengue)


14.45 //  Workshop (2A & 2B)



15.30 // Coffee Break



16.00 // Session 4

Monitoring & Evaluation: Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead


• Georgia Bladon (Wellcome Trust International Engagement Officer)


17.00 // Concluding remarks





Current workshops include:


Mobile Gaming (Charlotte Hemingway, Serious Gaming Unit - Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine)


Sustainable engagement with governments (The END Fund)


Theatre: a compelling tool for complex global health and behavioural interventions (Alex Dower, Acting for Health)


• The Role of Comedy in Public Health Messaging (Rachel Cole-Wilkin)


Click here for WORKSHOPS detailed information.