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About Cimaza

Science is a crucial topic, but one that leaves many in the dark. Cimaza is a word in the Adyghe language meaning “my moon”. Like the moon: we shine a light into the darkness of science.


Television and the Internet raise public awareness, provide advice about the transmission of diseases, and provide basic knowledge for physicians, patients, and the public. However, there remains a need for reference materials that discuss these topics in an easy, enjoyable, inspirational, and informative way.


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First Goal

Vaccines have saved millions of lives worldwide, and yet, there are a startling number of individuals and communities who believe that vaccines are dangerous. The science to support vaccination is clear, but sometimes the message to the lay community is not. That is why we need new and innovative approaches to spread the message that VACCINES WORK. It is sometimes hard to get support for ideas that are different. That’s why we are asking you to support our campaign to educate children (and parents) on the science behind vaccines & Viral Diseases!


Next Goal

Our plan is 5-years project to release 12 volumes of the Virology Comics plus at least one 30 min film based on the book as well as at least one digital game from the same adventures. We have already published Volume-1 and now working on Volume-2 & 3 plus Film based on Volume-1.

This work is produced by an artist with a medical background (Ph.D in Virology). This is a rare combination, which we believe adds value and uniqueness to the work. Thank you very much for making our target possible!